Air Bar Lux: The Epic Vape For Flamboyant Kickstart

Who says no to a luxury?  Air Bar Max, Air Bar Lux and Air Bar Lux Plus is a wholesome package of extravagant features when it comes to vaping with the fullest satisfaction and style. The glamor of puffing with 5% of nicotine per unit comes with the delicious flavor blending. To add to the opulence is its no leakage cylindrical design that you won’t want to stop holding.

Created as a disposable vape, it formulates on an automatic firing mechanism and therefore there is no reason why you should not give it a try. The puff number of 1000 is just perfect to remind you of not getting addicted to nicotine.

Here is all you should know about Air Mar Lux Disposable before you make the right decision while selecting a vape…

#1.  The best investment for beginners

There is a huge market of vapes but going for this unit is a wiser decision especially for those who are giving vaping a try. The reason is straight-it will cost you comparatively cheaper. They cost less in comparison with e-cigs.

#2. The Extravagant flavors

Air Bar Lux flavors are super impressive on the taste buds and their unique ready-made taste cannot be beaten by other pre-filled units. The taste list includes flavors like raspberry ice, blueberry raspberry, blueberry ice, pineapple ice, black currant, banana ice, shake shake, grape ice, mixed berries, watermelon ice, triple shake, banana shake, blueberry pomegranate ice, coconut grove, cranberry lemonade ice, raspberry watermelon, strawberry mango, strawberry watermelon, sunset cocktail, watermelon apple ice, raspberry grapefruit, and strawberry mango. Doesn’t that sound refreshing as if you are on a vacay in the tropics?

#3. Protected chassis

Many incidents of battery blow-ups and overheating have caused fear in vapers regarding the disposable vapes but that is not what the case is for Air Bar Lux. It is protected from such mishappenings and the material and 500mAh powered battery used is of the highest quality.

#4. Lightweight and Travel friendly

Air Bar Lux Disposable Vape can be traveled with anywhere and is super easy to simply slide out of pockets and go on a destressing vape break. It can fit in the pal and has an awesome grip.

#4. The Soft Mouthpiece

Smoother draws depend majorly on two things in disposables. One is the in-build battery system, coil, and wicking material quality and the second is the mouthpiece. If your drip tip is uncomfortable, you won’t get the vibe of puffing on smoother vapors.

#5. The unique LED

Almost all vapes have this feature but Air Bar Lux has it with an even brighter and captivating flashlight that is not blue but white in appearance and is comparatively brighter than the usual one. It feels almost like a crystal is glowing while you take the inhales.

#6. Adjustable Flow feature

Vapers feel delightful by having the cloud flow control under their command. This vape gives the opportunity to do that as well. Tailoring your kind of nicotine hits won’t be any problem if you are reserving yourself for this device.

The Takeaway!

The ultra-portable size and appropriate puff number for novices make Air Bar Lux an ultimate vape unit for beginners as well as for those who are switching to vaping from smoking in order to quit puffing. Above all, it has exorbitant rich vibes both; technically and also in appearance. All in all, it is a well-made vape highlighter that is applause for its high performance and yet convenient design. But order only from authentic vape stores like which have been tested for selling original ones and where you will not face any shipping issues.

Vape safe fellas. Nicotine is hazardous and addictive. Even though vaping is healthier than smoking, it may harm you if vaped too much. Also, verify the genuineness of every vape that you order by scanning the QR Code. It concerns your health!

Published by Raven Route

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