Big Boy Glow: The Vaping Master That’s All About Comfort

Undoubtedly, vaping is beating is becoming a whole new trend that imitates the traditional cigarette puffing but in a modern way. If you are a person who wants to vape with a free mind, Big Boy Glow is your catch because this pod mod is all about satisfying a vaper with its extravagant ergonomically created disposable vape. 

Vape with the most pleasing nicotine strength that comes with the twist of flavors and spares you from the worries and mess of maintaining it. It is a disposable unit that once finishes goes straight to the trash. Keep reading to know a little deeper about how vaping feels with this extortionate vape through the most concerning questions.

How Many Puffs Does Big Boy Glow support?

Being a throwaway device, it has approximately 3500 puffs that are stored in the liquified form generally known as vape juice. These can be used at intermittent intervals in correspondence with the convenience of the vaper but within the lifespan of 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

# Caution: Do not vape on the expired vapes and try not to puff from vapes that are almost near to their expiration as this could be harmful or hazardous for your body.

Is the nicotine content the same as in a cigarette?

No, vaping has been promoted by the FDA and WHO only because it is comparatively less hazardous to the health while at the same time it hits a satisfying effect of nicotine to those who are addicted to puffing. Therefore, Big Boy Glow Disposable vape has half the strength of nicotine as in cigs. The 5% of nicotine concentration is stored in the form of salt. Vaping saves from intaking the tobacco content directly which is the major cause of health concern.

Is vape juice safe for health?

All in all, there are no such harmful contents in vape juice. It contains some flavoring agents that add flavor to your clouds, has nicotine and propyl glycol, and vegetable glycerin that adds more sweetness and velvety flow to your vapors.

The flavor options with Big Boy Glow will appetize your taste buds for more!

Vapers relish this unit the most for its super 5 flavors that alleviate the vaping mood magnificently. You can vape with this unit with the following flavors

  • Aloe Grape
  • Cotton Clouds
  • Mega Mint
  • Strawberry Birthday Cake
  • Strawberry Guava Freeze

Extend a delicious treat to your palates with every inhale you make by puffing on your favorite taste of Big Boy Glow. After giving all flavors a try, do share which one pleased you the most.

Other important specifications of Big Boy Glow

This system works on a high capacity and ergonomically advanced battery-powered by 900mAh that works on an integrated firing mechanism. You do not have to bother about the refilling’s or any other concerns that are required to make your vaping smooth.

The total capacity of e-liquid is 8ml, including all the ingredients that we have already discussed above.

There is an LED light designed with this vape which glows on every draw. You get the full-on cool vibes while you go on your vape break.

Why is vaping with Big Boy Glow better than hookah?

Despite the similarities between the two, vaping with this unit is better than any hookah smoking since in hookah there is a combustion of tobacco while in vaping there isn’t any.

Hookah smoke is a water pipe containing moist tobacco which is heated using charcoal but vaping with Big Boy Glow involves the heating of a build coil that vaporizes the vape juice. 

The Upshot

Isn’t being a vaper with a disposable vape like Big Boy Glow Disposable better than being an addictive smoker? Just drop down your cigs and hookas and try this ultra-pleasing way of puffing with the fullness of flavors while you stay at ease!

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