Release yourself from the chains of wasting time with Mr Fog Max Pro Disposable Vape

The convenience of vaping has never been so convenient! There’s no mess and the flavor isn’t compromised. Mr Fog Max Pro Vape is perfect for everyone who wants to vape on the go, at home, or in a car. The flavors come preloaded and ready to use. Not only does this device look sleek and stylish but it also uses a special technology called Fog Max for maximum effect so there’s no need to keep carrying around those pesky flowers as long as you have one of these handy disposables on hand!

Imagine the feeling of taking a relaxing stroll through a leafy green forest. You can even hear the babbling brook as it glides downstream, ready to take on anything that day throws at it. Your imagination can become reality with Mr Fog Max Pro Disposable Vape! With all natural ingredients and 5% salt nicotine, you’ll be transported from life’s stresses right into your own happy place. Light up two Mr Fog Max for ultimate relaxation. 2000 puffs feels so good!

The sleek design ensures perfect manoeuvrability while remaining discreet and inconspicuous, making it suitable for use in any environment. The 5ml tank gives you the ability to vape all day long without interruption, utilizing a 600 mAh battery that engages at 4 volts along with other features which are user-friendly.

Mr Fog Max Pro flavors

Mr Fog Max Pro is the newest way to enjoy life with 15 flavors – including classics like watermelon, cherry bomb, and strawberries. The use of an automatic holding feature prevents spillage, while eight different vapes are used for easy inhalation. 

Strawberry Guava – Feel the sweet, succulent flavor of a Guava strawberry as you vape. It’s so tasty it feels too real to be true – plus it smells super fresh and bright, perfect for brightening your day. Plus this flavorful combination will curb anyone’s craving with added taste bursting goodness…you’ll need some smelling salts before you can quit!

Blueberry Raspberry Cherry – What’s right with the world? Sitting in front of your laptop on a Saturday morning. Contentedly inhaling this vape juice flavor that is so fresh you can almost taste it. Plus, three flavors of vapes in one bottle!

Raspberry Peach – A vape flavor that screams summer raspberries and peaches. It’s just like picking fresh fruit off the vine on your backyard trees, but better because vaping means it doesn’t go bad after one week! Plus, no more sticky fingers.

Raspberry Strawberry – We know there are a lot of flavors to choose from. Some are fruity, some are savory, but others are simply the best pinks-and-purples mix that you’ll ever taste. It’s not just us who say it, either according to the trusted customers of Mr Fog Max Pro, this is the only flavor they could vape all day long.

Orange Peach Pineapple Ice – The most refreshing summer fruit vape flavor ever! It tastes like a berry popsicle you hope melts with your tongue. These sweet and juicy flavors will send shivers up your spine with happiness. They’ll make you think about the days when everyone wore shorts, sandals, and flip-flops until it was too cold. 

Apple Grape Lemonade On Ice – Bursting with bright flavors of fresh apples, crisp grapes and tangy lemons, this vape flavor tastes like the perfect summer drink. Apple Grape Lemonade on Ice features notes of freshly squeezed lemon juice to cut through its sweetness with a refreshing zing. All it needs now is an ice cube or two!

Strawberry Kiwi Dark Berries on Ice – We’ve all had that feeling when our stomach starts churning. The future of cold, refreshing vapes is here, with the cool taste of strawberries blended with kiwis and finished off by finishing popsicles dipped in berries. You’ll be hooked after one hit on this flavor, guaranteed!

Published by Raven Route

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